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William F. Reese, internationally renowned painter and sculptor, died in June, 2010. He leaves behind an astonishing body of work that includes oils, pastels, watercolors, sculptures, etchings and instructional books. Reese celebrated the Northwest with majestic landscapes, delicate still lifes, and chronicles of the lives of the men, women and creatures that inhabited the area.

Though prolific and proficient in several media, Reese was likely best known as one of America's premier plein air artists, reveling in the majesty of the Northwest and setting up his easel outdoors in all kinds of weather and in every kind of location. Read more about William Reese.

Painting of Dancers  
A Tribute To His Love Of Horses - DVD by William F Reese DVD
Tutorial on how to draw horses. A tribute to Bill's love of horses.

Learn more about Alpha-1 and watch a video Bill created for the Alpha-1 Foundation. Life Is An Inspiration - Video about Alpha-1

Take a look at our book selection including Bill’s book released in 2009, "The Painter's Process". The Painter's Process by William F. Reese

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